Our Vision

To see a more inclusive world where people with special abilities are celebrated and offered opportunities to positively contribute to society.

Our Mission

To help children and adults with cognitive and intellectual special needs through musical expression and healthcare support.

Yes, I want to see a more inclusive world for persons with disabilities


How We Help

We work to fulfill our vision and mission in four important ways

Music therapy and fun outings

Producing music and musical events to promote music and music therapy as a healthcare medium.


Providing healthcare information and platforms to improve accessibility and care solutions for vulnerable communities

Community Support

Extending a helping hand to community healthcare centers while sharing our expertise to improve  their operations.


Raising funds for sponsoring persons with disabilities to access facilities and events for their special needs.

About Us

Remy Healthcare Foundation

The Remy Healthcare Foundation is a team of professionals in the healthcare and music industry whose aim is to discover the unmet needs of the Special Needs Community and strive to meet those needs through a mix of healthcare services and fun activities.

About Our Founder

Jacob Sacks is a professional in pharmaceutical services and finance, however, his first studies were in music therapy which helped him understand the incredible power music has in helping people connect with each other and the world around them.

When his son Remy was diagnosed with autism, Jacob noticed that even though Remy struggled to express himself, his eyes would light up when he heard music. 

Jacob began writing music to connect and communicate with his son, which lead to the production of the song and YouTube video “Jump”. The song has had over 400,000 views helping to encourage others on the spectrum to experience joy through music.  

Following the success of “Jump” Jacob was inspired to combine his expertise in healthcare services and music to launch the Remy Healthcare Foundation.

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